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Which should you choose?

The Problem with Shopping

You're in charge of dinner tonight. Pasta it is. Perfect. At the supermarket, you go to each section and scan the shelves for the ingredients you need.

Food is expensive. Being a cost-conscious person, you mull over each item, consider its prices and how much you're actually getting from each container.

And let's face it, we have way more choices than we've ever had. There are multiple versions of the same product, and unless you're extremely picky, we never have to stick to any one brand.

You buy all that stuff, get home, and make dinner. There's barely enough for everyone! Don't even mention leftovers! Get more out of your shopping trips, leftovers can be had for lunch the next day, another way to save money.

You spent less money in total on your grocery trip, but you could be getting way more by spending a bit more wisely.

Other things to consider


Shrinkflation is something companies do that confuses consumers. They repackage their products in a smaller size but keep prices the same.

You may be used to buying the same brand every time at the grocery store and not realise that the packaging has changed over the years. You might be paying the same for less!

Different measurements

Many countries don't force labelling standards on all their imported products. This makes it hard to quickly calculate the cost efficiency between products in the store.

Packaging can be deceiving sometimes too. Combine that with measurements you can't easily compare makes it difficult to figure out which thing you should but.

Buying in Bulk

Bulk buying is generally the cheapest option on a per unit basis. However now many people want to buy a 2 gallon bucket of mayonnaise. Nothing wrong with that if you want to, but many people won't.

How to shop smarter

Shopping Units App

A 32 ounce bottle of shampoo, or the other one with 850ml? Both cost the same, one feels heavier but how do you know for sure?

Shopping Units will calculate the unit pricing for each item and tell you which one gets you the most for your money.


Quickly see the cost of each item, and the cheapest one is highlighted.

Save items to compare between shopping trips or different shops.

Get the App

Shoppings Units App for Android is available on the Google Play Store.

This is the Ad-Free version, it costs about $2.

This is the FREE Ad-supported version.

There is also a web version with limited functionality.

Shopping Units app was developed by blue 58, if there are any questions or concerns please email me at rob [at] blue58 [dot] co